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New Products: May 2007

November 6, 2007
By Brooke Shaw

Jazz in tune with dessert trends, Bioxo polystyrene packaging performs, degrades, Spicy chocolate fires professional creativity, Hi-TEK recipe management

jazzzJazz in tune with dessert trends
Founded over 30 years ago by Jacques Durot, a master pastry chef from France, Jazz is a company that designs and produces high-quality European-style desserts for a number of foodservice and retail sectors.  At the Food and Beverage show, Jazz introduced two new categories of mini-desserts.  The first, mini-parfaits, in two separate flavour profiles, come in a choice of exotic (mango, pomegranate, tropical blends, etc.) and classic (chocolate, caramel, cheesecake).  The second, mini-desserts, can be ordered by price (budget, intermediate and deluxe), Assorted macaroons are also available.  The presentation is stunning, with the luxe finishes served up in shot glasses so customers can be dazzled by their colours and layers.  A nibble of the Goddess of the Nile, anyone?  For more information, please visit

Bioxo polystyrene packaging performs, degrades
Canadian firm, Cascades, claims its new polystyrene foam for food packaging offers accelerated degrading with no loss of performance while in use.  Bioxo oxo-degradable containers break down within three years, due to the use of totally degradable plastic additives.  After use, the foam degrades through exposure to oxygen, heat and ultraviolet light or mechanical stress into a fine powder.  Once broken down, bacteria and other micro-organisms can digest the powder.  Bioxo has been approved for use as a food contact material by both Canadian and U.S. regulators.

spicySpicy chocolate fires professional creativity
Valrhona has introduced savoury chocolate pearls blended with a subtle range of spices, including Basque chili pepper, to add a depth of colour and warmth to your chocolate recipes that will linger long on the customer’s palate.  It is a powerful chocolate flavour with lots of character, an ideal partner for multiple associations of contrasting tastes, available in a one-kilogram resealable tub.  For more information, visit

Hi-TEK recipe management
Lifeware TEK teamed up with The Culinary Institute of America in its latest software solution, the i-COOK™ Recipe Management System, which is designed to enhance the value of recipe collections by simplifying the process of building the online resource used to store, access and share the information for a range of food business applications.  i-COOK is a simple, inexpensive solution for organizing and distributing recipe-related information across standard multi-media environments and networks.  “I-COOK gives educators the means to control the use of recipes, from creation to publication,” says Mark Erickson, CIA.  “By incorporating relevant nutrition, ingredient management techniques, and food safety information into the equation, we now have a new perspective on the recipe as an asset with great value.” Visit

One step to piping hot, fresh glazed baked goods
Bloemhof Inc. has introduced its mobile GLAZEALL G32 Bake and Glaze system that heats pre-fried, frozen or par-baked products. Requiring no gas hook-up, the continuous glaze flows onto the hot products, and re-circulates any unused glaze. Just rack and serve, and best of all, no venting is required. For more information, contact

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