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New Product Awards winners announced for Europain

January 11, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Paris, France – A committee of bakery and pastry professionals announced seven winners for the Europain new product awards.

 “Among them are products that will help you save time and water and work comfortably in the kitchen no matter your height or range of mobility,” said Elizabeth Meaney, spokesperson for Europain, in a press statement.

 And the winners are…



• LINUM EUROPE– Flui, a water doser that shuts off the water as soon as the set quantity is reached.
• SASA – Modular trolley shelves used for storage, to save space and or to advertise.
• SOFINOR – An electrically adjustable table that adapts to your height or disability.


• MIWE MICHAEL WENZ – MIWE shop baking suite, a software tool allows you to manage, monitor and synchronize your systems’ data remotely.


• EURALAX – A motorized convertible shop window that switches from sales behind a counter to open self-service.
• INDUTEX – Softouch anti-slip paper for cake, which is a material stabilizing cake in its box during transportation.
• Les celliers associés – A range of three ciders by Val de Rance.

Europain is a global event featuring French and international suppliers.The award ceremony will be held at Europain on Feb. 4.

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