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Naturally flavoured, summery coloured chocolate

July 24, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Herza Schokolade

Coloured food has been on trend since the unicorn cake: Red, black and green bread rolls and hamburger buns, not to mention multicoloured poke bowls are seen in restaurants and bakeries.

Herza Schokolade launched their new fruity summer product range. Now,  ice cream, cereal and nut and fruit snacks manufacturers can give their products fresh, fruity accents. HERZA product developer Bodil Reimers stated in a press release: “In addition to the classic flavours like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, demand is rising for more unique products and more variety. It’s not just the flavour that counts – it’s also the look. Colourful highlights without artificial additives are what customers want.”

In accordance with consumers’ rising expectations in terms of healthy enjoyment, Herza uses natural ingredients for its new fruity bits. They are based on a cocoa butter, whole milk powder and sugar mass, similar to white chocolate. The colours come from concentrates of fruits and plants, for example safflower, black currant, sweet potato, cherry and spirulina. The flavours come from natural flavourings, essential oils and fruit powders of lime, orange, lemon and strawberry.

The result is colourful bits, pieces and squares in unusual flavours. The yellow “lemon curd” bits and light green, chopped “lime cheesecake” pieces have a tart note that is perfect for ice cream. The orange chopped pieces in “waffle crunch” and “orange oil” varieties are a perfect fit with summery fruit and nut snack mixes, or with muesli. The big, even squares in pink with “strawberry cream” flavour are especially good in muesli and other cereal mixes.


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