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MultiPick robotic gantry system from Cimcorp

September 27, 2010
By Bakers Journal

sept27cimcorpmultipickbjSeptember 27, 2010, Grimsby, Ont. – Cimcorp launched its MultiPick robotic gantry system today at the IBIE trade show in Las Vegas.

Cimcorp developed the picking solution to meet the need for fast order fulfillment with reduced costs, greater capacity, improved accuracy and improved traceability and logistics in perishable food applications.

The MultiPick combines buffer storage and order fulfillment in a single automated system. Fresh inventory is stored in stackable plastic totes, with each stack comprising a single SKU, on the floor beneath the MultiPick system. One or more MultiPick robots can pick any number of totes from a stack, according to the dispatch schedule. Orders are loaded into vehicles in an optimal delivery sequence that saves time and energy and increases customer satisfaction. At the end of a shift, MultiPick can also automatically empty the entire picking area for faster cleaning.

MultiPick warehouse controls integrate seamlessly with WMS systems, providing real time reporting on its task status from goods receiving, buffering to picking, replenishment, order consolidation, palletizing, loading and dispatch.


Through it’s subsidiary, RMT Robotics, Cimcorp also offers case picking robotic gantry systems designed for warehousing applications, including the Robotic Palletizing Matrix, Robotic Distribution System, Robotic Case Picking System, and the Robotic Pick System.

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