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Montreal Chocolate Academy virtual demo teaches chocolate tempering and highlights VIU’s new signature chocolate

November 7, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Former VIU Professional Baking and Pastry Arts student Darian Zowtuck was chosen to develop a chocolate flavour profile that resulted in Spindle Whorl 70.1%. She is seen here with pastry chef instructor Ken Harper at the Cacao Barry Or Noir Laboratory in Meulan, France.

Montreal and Nanaimo, B.C. – The Vancouver Island University Professional Baking and Pastry Arts Program, sponsor Cacao Barry and the Baking Association of Canada recently presented a virtual chocolate demonstration by instructors at the Montreal Chocolate Academy.

Master Belgian chocolatier Philippe Vancayseele, from the academy, introduced attendees to several of the distinctive chocolates made by Barry Callebaut, including Evacoa and Ruby.

Students watch the virtual chocolate seminar.

Vancayseele demonstrated his method of simplifying the potentially complex process of chocolate tempering – including in-depth crystalization techniques – to two dozen students and invited industry guests during an online session. The Chocolate 101 Class covered all five chocolates: Dark, Milk, White, Ruby and Gold.

During this session, instructors from the academy also discussed the composition and application of several new chocolates that are now available, including the WholeFruit Chocolate, Ruby chocolate by Callebaut and the RaRe chocolate collection by Cacao Barry.


Mark Pennington, western Canada representative for Barry Callebaut, discussed with pastry chef instructor Ken Harper the Cacao Barry “Or Noir” custom chocolate design program and detailed VIU’s participation in the program.

In partnership with Cacao Barry, VIU announced the launch of the “Spindle Whorl 70.1%” dark chocolate, a signature flavour designed by Harper and Darian Zowtuck, who won a competition in 2019 and the chance to work with Harper and Callebaut to create an Or Noir. This signature chocolate is now available at the Nanaimo Campus of VIU.

Barry Callebaut flew Zowtuck to France and in their labs guided her to develop a bespoke chocolate called “Spindle Whorl 70.1%.”

The Or Noir Spindle Whorl chocolate recipe is made using 500 kilograms of dark chocolate at Cacao Barry Or Noir Laboratory in Meulan, France, said Mark Pennington, western Canada representative for Barry Callebaut.

“To my knowledge Darian is the first culinary student globally to make an Or Noir custom recipe,” Pennington said.
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