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Miniature rotary batch mixer

June 12, 2008
By Munson Machinery

npminiatureMunson Machinery introduces a new miniature rotary batch mixer that blends bulk ingredients, adds liquids and achieves 100 per cent batch uniformity in less than three minutes while heating or cooling the batch.

The mixer, model MX-1-SSJ,
features an internal spray line for liquid additions, a discharge chute
to direct the flow of discharged materials, and an insulated, jacketed
mixing drum that can be piped to an oil, steam or chiller system. The
unit is equally effective at blending batches from 100 to 15 per cent
of its one-cubic-foot (28-litre) capacity, and can distribute
micro-ingredients with 100 per cent uniformity regardless of
disparities in the bulk densities, particle sizes or flow
characteristics of batch ingredients. The unit features #304 stainless
steel contact surfaces, wide spacing of internal flights for easy
access, continuous polished welds having 0.25 in. (6 mm) radii, and
external removable seals. Unlike stationary mixing vessels that leave a
residual “heal” of material after discharge, the rotating vessel and
internal flights of the rotary mixer lift and direct the entire batch
into the discharge spout for complete evacuation with no residual
material, minimizing waste while facilitating rapid, thorough
sanitizing with no tools.

For information, contact Munson Machinery Company, Inc. at
800-944-6644, send an e-mail to:, or go to .


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