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Mettler Toledo touchscreen counter scales

January 16, 2012
By Bakers Journal

jan16mettlertoledobjJanuary 16, 2012, Columbus, OH – Mettler Toledo has launched its newest line of PC-based touchscreen counter scales.

The UC Evo Line, an evolution of the company’s UC Line, is designed to be a portal for communications, a productivity workhorse, and a shopper marketing channel.

Supported by a PC-based operating system, UC Evo Line scales are capable of running third party applications (web browser, fresh item management systems, e-mail, meal planner, etc.) right on the scale. Given the number of processes store associates are responsible for on a daily basis, consolidating or integrating those systems can help simplify workflows and improve operational efficiency.

“Enabling back office business functions to be performed at the counter allows department leaders to stay in the fresh department,” said David Ciolek, Mettler Toledo's network product manager.

The scale's 12.1-inch color LCD operator touchscreen is fully configurable with optional graphical presets, making it easy to use and resulting in reduced operator training time. Expanding PLU databases can be accommodated by the virtually unlimited number of preset keys available. With its sleek and modern profile and in-store marketing capabilities, the UC Evo Line is designed to help enhance the store’s brand and improve shopper experience.

The fresh department is one of the few places in the store where the shopper is both making a purchasing decision and waiting to place and receive their order. Retailers can take advantage of this captive audience by displaying advertisements, cross-promotions, and videos to capture their attention and boost sales.

The UC Evo Line also features a backlit display to provide better contrast, brighter and more vivid colours, and reduce power consumption.

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