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Mettler Toledo to showcase bakery production line and inspection systems at Process Expo

August 24, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Mettler Toledo Product Inspection will demonstrate a variety of inspection systems for food processing in booth #8003 at Process Expo,  in Chicago, November 2 – 5, 2021.

The company  will also have equipment on exhibit in Process Expo’s Bakery Production Line, and will showcase two x-ray inspection solutions – the X38 pipeline system for removing dense physical contaminants from liquids and slurries and the X36 system, designed for bulk product or packaged product, for removing dense physical contaminants and, when inspecting closed packages, checking for broken or missing components.

Also on display will be a Gravity Flow metal detector for removing all types of metal contaminants from bulk, free flowing product. The system will be demonstrated with ATS (Automatic Test System), which enables a test of four metal types to confirm centerline sensitivity in under a minute. This can be conducted while the detector is at height, increasing operator safety.

Demonstrations on the V31 oriented line vision inspection system will highlight its ability to perform multiple checks on oriented packages including label correctness, label placement, barcodes, 2D codes, alpha-numeric text and container fill as well as cap presence, color and skew.


Built for harsh environments and delivering uncompromising precision at high speeds, a C35 AdvancedLine checkweigher will also be demonstrated at the show. The system, including the HMI, is rated to IP69 and proven resistant to most caustic detergents and high-pressure cleaning.

On exhibit at Process Expo will be a fully-functional Bakery Production Line running gluten-free rolls. It includes a Mettler Toledo Profile Advantage metal detector for superior inspection of conductive products such as breads while eliminating false rejects. This system offers optional due diligence enhancement features including reject verification, bin full sensors and a low-pressure sensor. As a final product check at the end of the line, a C35 AdvancedLine checkweigher will ensure the accuracy of the product weight and automatically reject any products out of weight range.

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