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Maple Masters challenged to put new twists on old faves

March 14, 2011
By Bakers Journal

March 14, 2011, Montreal – The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers is challenging 100 Maple Masters to create classic dishes that appeal to modern tastes using maple.

This is the fourth such contest aimed at innovative chefs and artisans. This year's theme, "Classics reinvented with maple," gives the Maple Masters a unique opportunity to put their talent and imagination to work in coming up with a new classic from an old one.

Any local or international dish is eligible provided it is not a dessert. Cold appetizers, hot appetizers and main dishes are all eligible. Maple Masters' creations will be judged on quality, originality and overall balance of the recipe. The ultimate goal is to show off maple's versatility through new creations which use classic dishes as their inspiration and which will become modern classics in their own right.

Participants must create an original recipe based on and reinventing a classic dish using a 100 per cent pure maple product (syrup, butter, taffy, sugar or flakes). They may enter as many creations as they want, as long as the contest conditions are met. The use of inverted sugar or any other sweetener, other than defined stabilizing agents, is prohibited.

A four member jury will evaluate the creations based on the following criteria: originality of the dish, use and composition of ingredients, presentation and flavour.  The dishes will also be judged on finesse and balance as well as judicious use of maple products.

The contest will run from April 1 through July 1. The winners will be revealed in the autumn, and all winners will add their dishes to their regular menu or range of products for at least one year.

The overall winner will receive a 5-day training course at Stéphan Bernhard's on Michelin star restaurant Le Jardin de France in Baden-Baden, Germany. This prize includes transportation, accommodation and meals.

Grants will be awarded to the winners of second and third place.
Details of the contest are available at

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