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LloydPans replicates authentic Roman-style pizza pans

February 26, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of LloydPans

US pan manufacturer, LloydPans has strengthened its regional pizza pan offerings with the introduction of pizza al taglio pans.

The company also makes popular regional pans for Detroit, Sicilian-style, deep dish and “Grandma-style” pizzas.

Pizza al taglio has its origins in Rome, but is quickly gaining popularity. The Roman-style pizza is rectangular in shape, served by the slice and designed for a grab-and-go eating experience.

To make its pizza al taglio pans, LloydPans merged traditional Roman-style pizza pans with its proprietary pan technology. To determine pan sizes, LloydPans replicated the size of authentic Roman pans, even changing the company’s standard measurement from U.S. imperial measure to metric for accuracy. To ensure durability in a commercial operation, the company uses a heavy 12-gauge aluminum to construct the pan, anodizes it and then applies the company’s PSTK® coating. This permanent, stick-resistant coating does not require seasoning and it will never rust.

“We’ve carved out a niche in the pizza industry by expertly developing and crafting regional-style pizza pans,” Traci Rennaker, LloydPans’ president and chief executive officer, says in a press release. “Pizza al taglio is destined to be the next big restaurant trend, and these pans give pizzaiolos, retail bakers and commercial foodservice operators with the perfect pan to deliver a light, airy crust with bite.”

LloydPans’ pizza al taglio pans are available in two sizes:

• Full Size: 40×60 centimeters (15.75×23.62 inches)

• Half Size: 20×60 centimeters (7.87×23.62 inches)

The pans are two centimeters deep and feature a double-thick folded rim to increase durability. LloydPans also has developed two cutting boards to complement the pizza al taglio pans. Both the pans and the cutting boards are available for purchase at and will be on display at the International Pizza Expo at LloydPans’ booth #1857.

LloydPans’ manufactures an extensive line of commercial pizza pans and tools, bakeware, cookware and foodservice equipment. The company makes all of its products in the USA at its Spokane Valley, Washington, manufacturing facility. LloydPans’ products are sold online at

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