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Legalized cannabis and your bakery: Symposium

October 24, 2018
By Bakers Journal

With the legalization of cannabis, many companies may need to revise their health and safety rules, and know their employees’ rights.

Marijuana in the Workplace: Best Practices for Your Company and Employee Expectations is a symposium for anyone working with bakery equipment and decision makers across all levels of your industry. Marijuana in the Workplace brings together a panel of experts and industry leaders who will address hot-button issues regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana and its implications on workplace safety in Canada.

Attendees will gain insights on compliance, rights and learn best practices in ensuring fitness for duty, manage worker expectations and balance compliance/enforcement with employee privacy. This seminar is ideal for CEO’s, senior safety-management executives, professionals in managerial and/or safety supervisory roles, human-resource planners and joint health and safety committee leaders.

What you will learn:

  • Understand fitness for duty issues, recognize signs of impairment and know when to intervene;
  • Balance compliance and enforcement with employee-privacy issues;
  • Design and implement an effective drug-testing policy and procedures;
  • Demonstrate due diligence and compliance with other legal considerations;
  • Learn about best practices and recommendations toward pre-employment screening and drug-testing;
  • Managing employee expectations; and
  • Appreciate the importance of education and training for employees and supervisors

For more information about the speakers and topics covered in this session:

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