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Kwik Lok Corporation names new Board Chair

April 8, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Kimberly Paxton-Hagner, photo courtesy of Kwik Lok Corp.

Kimberly Paxton-Hagner, co-owner of Kwik Lok Corporation based in Yakima, Washington has been elected to the role of Board Chair for the company.

Kwik Lok is a third-generation global company that was founded by her grandfather, Floyd Paxton.Paxton-Hagner assumed the role as chairperson at the company’s recent board meeting on April 1.

She succeeds John Rothenbueler as chairperson upon his retirement. Rothenbueler guided the company through the transition from the second to the third generation of ownership. Kwik Lok is now owned by sisters, Kimberly Paxton-Hagner, Melissa Steiner and Stephanie Jackson.

A key focus is Kwik Lok’s committed to sustainability. The company has been innovating products that help customers lower greenhouse gas emissions and use less petroleum-based plastics while still maintaining the packaging’s safety and freshness. The company is integrating this concept throughout their locations worldwide. This corporate social responsibility work is organized under four areas and includes the following:

  • Unlocking Opportunity: From employee engagement to education
  • Improving Well-Being: Physical health, mental health and safety
  • Protecting Resources: People, places and the planet
  • Fostering Innovation: New products and manufacturing innovation

“My sisters and I are proud of the progress our company has made and we are optimistic about the opportunities that lay ahead. I am thrilled and honoured to work with my sisters as we continue the work of our grandfather and father.  We feel privileged to work with some of the finest people in the world,” said Paxton-Hagner in a statement.

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