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Kinnikinnick rebrands as plant-based and free-from top 8 allergens

July 5, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Kinnikinnick

Kinnikinnick Foods, North America’s  gluten-free, allergy baked goods provider since 1991, announced more new plant-based treats designed for everyone in the family to share wether they are intolerant, allergic or not.

Kinnikinnick’s re-brand to plant-based, free from egg and Top eight allergens baked goods reflects growing trends in the specialty food sector; the growth in those wishing to eat a vegan diet.

There’s also an increase in the rate of food allergies worldwide from around 3 per cent of the population in 1960 to around 7 per cent in 2018. All new products are now free from the Top Eight: wheat, dairy, nuts, peanuts, soy, sesame, fish, and now egg: That’s a range of 42 products.

Appropriately, celebrating Kinnikinnick’s 30th, the first new flavour is Birthday KinniTOOS® Sandwich Crème Cookie. New Cinnabun Fun and Mint Magic flavours bring the full line up to six including Chocolate, Fudge & Vanilla. The new cookies are launched to online customers in a Special Edition trio pack, FREE when they order free home delivery from mid Aug.-Sep. Grocery store distribution in 220 g/8 Oz packs to thousands of stores in Canada & the US follows.


Jerry Bigam, Kinnikinnick’s CEO said in a press release; “Since we started baking for those with celiac disease in 1991, we’ve responded to customers and removed allergens one after another. Our goal has always been to provide safe and scrumptious baked goods, free from risk and worry. This is the next step”.

Other new products soon to be released include Artisan Dinner Rolls, Baguettes and a Premium Wide Loaf, cementing the company’s position as a leader in new bread & bun development. Crusty and crunchy outside, soft and fluffy inside, it is also vitamin and mineral enriched.

One of Kinnikinnick’s most popular products is completely reformulated. Now called Traditional English Muffins and as close to the ‘real thing’ as it gets. A crunchy crust & a soft middle to soak up butter and jam.

All new products continue Kinnikinnick’s commitment to allergy-friendly foods made with whole cane sugar, sustainable palm oil, non-GMO ingredients, free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

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