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Key players and stakeholders to meet at Chocovision 2012

March 12, 2012
By Bakers Journal

March 12, 2012, Davos, Switzerland – Barry Callebaut has recognized the need for a neutral platform for key players in the cocoa, chocolate and retail industries with Chocovision.

March 12, 2012, Davos, Switzerland – Chocolate demand has increased steadily over the years. More and more consumers, especially in emerging countries with a rising middle class, are discovering the sweet side of chocolate. This offers great business opportunities. However, the same stakeholders along the complex and fragmented supply chain from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar are also facing key challenges. In addition to changing consumer needs and behavior, the industry must cope with economic uncertainties and volatile prices of the respective raw materials and it is confronted with increasing regulation. In the cocoa growing countries, unsustainable agricultural practices and challenging conditions in regard to social and political systems and infrastructure) are also among the issues the industry has to face.

Three distinct sessions, intriguing speakers, stimulating discussions

To bring together key players on the decision-making level, Barry Callebaut has organized a neutral platform – Chocovision – and invited major stakeholders from the cocoa, chocolate and retail industries to attend. "Balance the Challenge. From cocoa to chocolate – strategy, sustainability and success," will be the theme of the first issue of Chocovision 2012. The conference, scheduled to take place in Davos, Switzerland from June 5 to 7, is the first of a series of bi-annual conferences.

Speeches and panel discussions with experts and professionals from all stakeholder groups will focus on strategy, sustainability and success. Besides these three conference sessions, there will be high-profile keynote addresses by world-renowned musician and political activist Sir Bob Geldof and Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus. They will contribute to the inspirational atmosphere the organizer hopes to create for Chocovision 2012 participants.


Need for a neutral platform for all stakeholders

Attendees of Chocovision 2012 will have the opportunity to network with senior business leaders in the cocoa, chocolate and retail industries, influential politicians from around the world and representatives of prominent NGOs. Hence, the symposium will offer a platform for debate between business and politics, NGOs and scientists, suppliers, farmers and consumers – all key players in the value chain, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar.

"There is an obvious need for better alignment and more efficient knowledge transfer, as well as pro-active information sharing between all stakeholders in the supply chain, from farmer organizations, certification bodies, cocoa processors, chocolate manufacturers and retailers up to end consumers," says Juergen Steinemann, CEO of Barry Callebaut. "That is why we have initiated Chocovision, a neutral, company-independent, bi-annual platform for informed discussion and debate."

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