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Kerry ranks 5th on FAIRR list of global food companies

August 12, 2020
By Bakers Journal

The company’s new plant protein offerings are plant-based and allergen-free, with organic options, and are suitable for use in a wide variety of food and beverage applications

Logo courtesy of Kerry Logo courtesy of Kerry

Kerry, the taste and nutrition company, announced that it has been ranked #5 on the FAIRR list of global food companies who are actively promoting and supporting plant-based foods and beverages.

“At Kerry, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers through the delivery of more sustainable solutions. We are delighted to be recognized among the industry leaders in the FAIRR Initiative’s report on the global shift toward alternative sustainable proteins,” said Juan Aguiriano, Kerry Group head of sustainability in a press release.

“Consumers are expanding their consumption of plant protein, an area in which there has been constant and revolutionary innovation in recent years. To address this, Kerry recently made a significant expansion to our plant protein range for food and beverage companies. We now offer an extensive range of plant-based protein solutions, with superior taste and which are nutritionally optimized by the inclusion of the full complement of essential amino acids. The main challenges with plant protein can be the off-notes, gritty texture and mouthfeel in products. Our extensive R&D efforts have enabled us to fully understand these challenges and develop effective solutions to address them. A recent successful launch for Kerry is our ProDiem™Refresh, a clear, vegan protein that is stable in low-pH beverages and which supports a clean product label (no stabilizers required). ProDiem™Refresh, is a game-changing protein product that offers consumers a great-tasting, refreshing alternative to traditional protein shakes.”

Kerry’s recent expansion broadens the company’s already impressive range of proteins for food and beverage companies. Today’s consumers, who are more informed than ever, are accelerating the call for tastier plant-based choices in a range of popular items — nutritional bars, yogurts, and waters, juices and smoothies.


The company’s new plant protein offerings are plant-based and allergen-free, with organic options, and are suitable for use in a wide variety of food and beverage applications. Containing protein from the desirable plant sources of pea, rice and sunflower, they address the mounting need for organic, vegan and traditional choices while at the same time offering great solubility, dispersibility and neutral taste.

“For food and beverage manufacturers seeking to develop plant protein-fortified products, Kerry has the technology — and now a greatly expanded range of plant proteins — to address any product-development challenges our customers may encounter. This recognition by the FAIRR initiative is a great acknowledgement of Kerry’s efforts to date in this important area,” said Mindy Leveille, strategic  marketing manager.

Kerry joined Nestlé (#3) and Marks & Spencer (#4) in the “proactive” section. The full FAIRR list can be viewed here:


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