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IDDBA speakers will address how technology affects bakers

June 6, 2018
By Bakers Journal

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“Disruption” is a term that is often heard in many industries, but how can bakers learn to shake up their trade or just survive in an increasingly digital world?

IDDBA (International Dairy Deli and Bakery Association) is bringing in speakers to their annual trade show between June 10th to the 12th to address bakers’ changing world and how point-and-click commerce affects everyone in the food industry.

IDDBA 2018 recognized how social media marketing and online apps to bring in customers is changing the way the business of food preparation is conducted. Experts will be brought in to help answer questions about reaching target audiences brand identigy, the art and finance of deep discount disruption and consumer engagement.

Among some of the specialists listed, this year’s speakers include:


Andy Ellwood, the Co-Founder and President of Basket, a community of shoppers committed to never overpaying for groceries again. Topics he will address in the Expert Neighbourhood are: Technology disruption in our digital world, global retail problem solving, and new business development.

Mark Dickinson is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Emerge Strategic Solutions. Dickinson can answer attendees’ questions on Global retail marketing, deep discount disruption, and consumer engagement.

Jennifer Fleiss, the CEO and co-founder of code eight, the first portfolio company within Walmart’s startup incubator. Her career started when she co-founded Rent the Runway, a company that makes designer clothing rentals a convenient and accessible luxury experience for women. Fleiss’ expertise in online marketing will be brought to IDDBA 18 to discuss relationship building through technology business growth and project planning and one-on-one marketing.

The complete list of this year’s experts can be found at this link: IDDBA Speakers for 2018

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