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IDDBA: Reduced income means reduced sales

August 5, 2020
By Bakers Journal

Logo courtesy of IDDBA

The IDDBA launched their latest COVID Report this week, announcing that due to many consumers having concerns about lax disinfection in groceries, sales are dropping for in-store baked goods.

“This heightened concern is further delaying the recovery of foodservice sales, but also negatively affected the comeback of deli prepared and fresh bakery sales. Additionally, many shoppers are dealing with financial pressure. In IRI’s survey this past week, 30 per cent of primary grocery shoppers say their financial situation is a little or a lot worse off than it was a year ago,” stated the report.

However, all is not lost: Due to increased vigilance in grocery stores, more baked goods are sold pre-packaged. Consumer interest in pre-packaged goods was indicated by the 9.2 per cent increase in sales over last week.

To read more about the COVID report, click HERE.





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