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Ice-It icing shortening from Richardson Oilseed

May 3, 2011
By Bakers Journal

May 3, 2011, Winnipeg – Richardson Oilseed Limited has developed an icing shortening product using canola oil, which boasts the lowest saturated fat among all major vegetable oils.

Richardson showcased its new icing shortening at the Baking Association of Canada’s (BAC) Congress 2011 in Montreal over the weekend.

Ice-It is a non-hydrogenated, trans fat-compliant icing shortening ideal for butter cream and ready-to-use icings, cakes, fillings, rosette decorations and more. The company reports that Ice-It contains 25 per cent less saturated fat than high palm content products.

“By using canola oil as one of the main ingredients to formulate this icing shortening, we were able to lower the saturated fat content and preserve the good taste and functionality of the product,” said John Haen, vice-president of nutrition. “People can have their cake and feel better about eating it, too!”


The shortening has been formulated for creaminess, high-aeration, high-volume and colour retention. In a press release, Richardson claims Ice-It requires less mixing time than high saturated fat palm equivalent products and is functional over a wide temperature range.

Richardson has invested $15 million to expand its canola oil processing plant in Lethbridge, Alta., and $1.5 million in a lab to improve its research and development capabilities. The company also recently launched Pop-It and Top-It, a healthier canola-based popcorn popping oil and popcorn topping, and Bake-It Freedom, a non-hydrogenated margarine with no artificial preservatives or flavours.

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  1. Avatar photo Josefina Freeman says:

    Hello I need to find this product please help me!!! Richardson Oil Seed Ice-It NH

    • Avatar photo Colleen Cross says:

      Hi Josefina. Thanks for your comment. I’ve given your contact information to a company representative. Hopefully they can help you in your product search. Good luck!

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