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IBIE 2019’s focus on education

June 18, 2019
By Bakers Journal

How is technology is changing the baking industry?

The International Baking Industry Exposition brings a wide range of experts and expertise to the IBIEducate programs.

The baking industry is beset with many challenges: from finding and training staff, to using technology to keep cost low and productivity high. The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) had increased their educational element at this year’s trade show to help attendees best learn to adapt and thrive in a baker’s world.

Where does the line between tradition and modern blur? How can a bakery manage to keep up with the slow food movement with slow-fermented bread, or a farm-to-table bakery without being familiar with blockchain technology? Fortunately, IBIE has anticipated these questions and established their classes around the most pressing concerns for today’s baker.

The IBIE’s staff had pulled together an overview of ecological practices within the baking industry. As Robert Benton, the Chief Supply Chain Office of Flowers Foods states on IBIE’s blog: “There are seemingly endless ways that we, as members of the baking industry, can help create a healthier planet. And IBIE makes it easier than ever to shop sustainable suppliers—from organic and fair trade ingredients to zero waste equipment. Not to mention our Best in Baking Awards that recognize suppliers that foster energy conservation, reduced water usage, a decrease in landfill waste, healthy living and/ or a reduction of the overall impact on the environment. These suppliers will be featured in the BEST in Baking Lounge in the Grand Lobby and designated in the Official IBIE Directory.”

The artisanal section of the education promises to bring innovation to the attendees: Courses such as, “Classic and new-style breakfast pastries,” “from flour to finished product: formulation with high resistant starch wheat flour,” “ancient grains aren’t just for show,” and “old world and innovative artisan breads” are among only some of the courses featured this year.


For those who wish to upgrade their decorating skill set, there is an art to creating “a $7 cupcake,” which focuses on creating “trend worthy products” that create your brand. Many attendees may be bakers, but are the bakers marketing-savvy? For the bakers who know their craft but want to expand their reach, learning how to use social media as an advertising tool is an all-important skill. “How I reach 3 million people a month in today’s online world” with Gemma Stafford promises to address the use of influencers to gain an online following.

From baking techniques to marketing; from retail tricks to technology, IBIEducate has anticipated the main challenges today’s baker faces, and offers informative classes addressed by experts in the field.

For those who want to improve their business savvy in the bakery, classes such as “Visual analytics for improving bakery operations,” “RPIA Business of Baking for Beginners” and “sustainable growth practices for the small business owner” are some classes to help those in the Business of Baking (BOB).

For those who curious about more technological innovations, “How IOT (Internet of Things) is changing bakery maintenance” shows how the IOT helps bakers learn to keep cost down by learning more about their equipment. “Robotics-Based Packaging Systems are simpler than you think,” “digital transformation in the retail bakery” and “E-Commerce for your business: Is it worth it?”

Terms like sustainability and food waste are gaining ground in the food industry. Does your company know how to deal with food waste? Are your ingredients local enough, clean-label or organic? How can you market to a clientele that are interested in these factors. Fortunately, IBIEducate offers courses in keeping with such concerns: “Sustainable growth practices for the small business owner,” “food waste — How to fight it with sustainable enzyme solutions,” “Navigating Prop 65 and preventative strategies” and “Clean ingredients panel.”

“The IBIE Committee has been working hard to ensure we’re delivering maximum value to IBIE attendees, and I’m personally looking forward to our new offerings around the artisan movement. The two Artisan Marketplaces in the exhibit hall will bring together the biggest names in baking and feature unique, interactive experiences sure to inspire artisan and specialty bakers and further the passion for their craft,” said Joe Turano, the president of the Turano Baking Company.

This year’s IBIEducate promises to bring the newest techniques, latest information and the best that the field has to offer to everyone in the baking industry.

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