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HERZA Schokolade offers organic product line

March 9, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of HERZA Schokolade

As more consumers are looking for sugar free or sugar-reduced options, many look to natural options like coconut flower sugar, and HERZA Schokolade answered that call.

Also known as palm sugar, this natural sweetener is derived from the flowers of the coconut palm and is popular with consumers. With its malty, caramel-like flavour, it harmonises perfectly with chocolate. HERZA Schokolade proves this with its new “Inspired by nature” organic product line. The chocolate pieces are available in eight exciting flavours.

The product line focuses on chocolate pieces with very diverse fruit components, like creamy milk chocolate with banana flakes that give a crunchy effect.

The dark chocolate leaves with sour cherry powder are an unusual combination, with the powder giving the full-flavoured chocolate a tart fruity note.


A perfect addition for ice cream and snack mixes are the chopped dark chocolate pieces with fruity raspberry pieces and vanilla.

The dark chocolate cubes with light ginger notes and a hint of lemon are refreshing additions to chocolate pieces, and the dark chocolate leaves with their robust cocoa note, refreshing orange oil and crunchy cocoa cores.

The new creamy milk chocolate chips are a nice contrast, with coffee and cardamon for a flavour explosion from 1001 Nights.


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