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Handtmann unveils new rotary dough divider

April 19, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Handtmann Canada Ltd.

Handtmann unveils their servo-driven Rotary Dividing Solution for bread dough scales with +/-1% accuracy at up to 200 ppm.

It designed for operations that to produce a large range of premium products on a single cutting unit efficiently.  With the VF 800 divider, the single lane SE 442-1 Rotary Divider delivers higher dough yields without oil, in a short product path and with exceptional dough quality.  The consistent and continuous scaling of each dough piece also ensures a stable, process-reliable operation.

This Rotary Divider uses standard Handtmann inserts that are available in a variety of customizable shapes and diameters that range from 30mm to 95mm.  The Handtmann rotary blade is designed with an undercut function that increases precision.

Blade speed is adjustable for different dough densities and the rotary blade and conveyor belt speeds can be controlled separately.  This enables exact product depositing with equal spacing so dough orientation on the belt can be optimized for downstream processes.


The SE 442-1 was also designed for strict sanitation standards. It is mobile and can be wheeled easily around the production floor and into a wet area for full jet water cleaning.  All SE 442-1 parts and components in contact with product are also easily removed for cleaning in the washer.

The Handtmann SE 442-1 Rotary Solution safely reduces giveaway and virtually eliminates rework. Teardown and sanitation are simple. Changeovers are fast and workhorse reliability makes this a very dependable production partner.

  • Efficient, consistent & economical production with high capacity
  • Excellent product quality with gentle feeding and oil-free dividing
  • Flexibility with easy inserts and adaptable depositing on the belt
  • Modular compatibility with upstream and downstream systems
  • Latest hygienic design


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