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Growing food trends for 2019

November 26, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Market research company Innova Market Insights revealed the top three trends that will shape the way baking and food services are marketed.

Breaking down the changes as seen within the last three years, the company revealed that there are five major considerations that will sway buyers in 2019. Consumer habits, such as concerns for the environment and food security are but one of the concerns that influence food buyers’ habits.

The top three trends observed was the “snackability” factor. Many meals are now becoming snacks, and smaller portions may be consisdered healthier food choices, or a way to curb calories. “Snackifying” a breakfast sandwich or a meal can make it more transportable, easier to market as an on-the-go treat.

The next trend observed was the green factor as a decision for food buying. Ensuring that its ingredients were sourced in a humanitarian or sustainable manner was a factor popular among Millenials.


Healthy and functional foods were last of the listed trends that sway buyers. Boomers and Zoomers are interested in more protein, higher fibre foods, however, there is a moving trend towards ketogenic baking, i.e. foods made with nuts, high fat, low sugar and moderate starch.

In all, some may be moving toward plant-based foods as a choice that could be interpreted by some consumers as a healthier option, however, the items selected might not reflect a health concious choice. Some vegetarian or vegan options are just as likely to be chosen for snackability rather than its function.

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