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Global Master Bakers Cookbook presents 61 recipes including 3 from Canada

December 23, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Master Baker Jimmy Griffin of Ireland has written a book exploring the world of the Global Master Bakers and unique and special recipes from world-class bakers, many world champions, Meilleur Ouvrier’s De France and a Michelin Star Chef from Ireland.

The Global Master Bakers Cookbook: An Outstanding Collection of Recipes from Master Bakers Around the World Including Jimmy’s World-Famous Conger Loaf features 59 bakers from all over the world, collects 61 recipes and celebrates friendship and baking.

During Jimmy’s involvement in many global bakery events and competitions over the past 30 years, he has made connections to many of these interesting and passionate bakers, who have shared some of their favourite bakery products with him for this publication.

The recipes are sourced from 31 countries and all continents and include German rye bread, French baking, Icelandic sourdough, Asian baking, Californian sourdough, Portuguese custard tart, delicious raspberry and mint brioche. Award-winning Canadian bakers Alan Dumonceaux, Mario Fortin and Marcus Mariathas have recipes featured in the book.

“This book is written and compiled by a baker for bakers,” writes Derek O’ Brien, the head of the National Bakery School, DIT, Dublin (retired), head of Diploma in German Baking, IBA, Weinheim, Germany (retired) and director of the Baking Academy of Ireland (retired).

“It represents artisan baking at its very best. The recipes don’t contain improvers, additives, or dough conditioners. I have no doubt it will prove to be of huge interest to both professional and home bakers alike. As the reader navigates through this wonderful book, they are introduced to a worldwide range of interesting bread, cakes, and pastry products, each with easy to follow and proven recipes and methods.”

This is a followup to Griffin’s first book, The Art of Lamination.

It is published by BarnaCaf Publications Ltd. and is also available on

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