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Fruit and vegetable flours launched

September 18, 2014
By Bakers Journal

Sept. 18, 2014, Denver, CO – Three flours launched via a crowdfunding
campaign in August are made solely of domestically grown fruit and

Jerry Roback and Amanda Warren of Anti-Grain Foods started the flour project to provide more nutritious and better tasting alternatives for those avoiding grains for health reasons
(the flours are naturally gluten-free, allergen-free, and paleo-friendly).

“Weexperimented with all sorts of fruits and vegetables before developing
the three varieties that we have,” said Roback in a news release. He added that the irony is that these
are fruits and vegetables that are commonly used in baking.

The project includes squash flour, made solely of butternut squash; sweet potato flour, made solely of yellow sweet potatoes; and apple flour, made solely of Northern Spy apples.

The entrepreneurs have used the flours to make a variety of dishes, including “Squash
flour Fried Chicken” and “Apple flour and Squash Flour Dark Chocolate
Chunk Cookies.” They suggest that six cookies or five pieces of fried chicken
(about a quarter of a cup of these flours) will get you one serving closer to
your three to five recommended daily servings.

Roback and Warren launched a Kickstarter project in August to help bring a line of fruit and
veggie based flours to market. Read more about the project.

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