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Food-safe printer personalizes confections and baked goods

June 11, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of LogoJET

Louisiana-based LogoJET’s founder and CEO Susan Cox feels that personalizing confections and baked goods creates lasting connections and can create return customers, and wants to turn everyday experiences into memorable moments.

The new LogoJET FSR90 printer offers full-color personalization with food-grade inks on edible items — with a 24” x 36” printable area, and 6″ product height clearance. This model is designed for continuous production for medium to large shops that produce higher volume customized edible products.

“We are a technology company. Typically, we demonstrate our amazing products for clients and potential clients in our shop — which is not a food safe area,” Cox said in a statement. “We wanted a food safe place to demo the FSR90 outside of our shop.”

The Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge now offers client demonstrations and to use within the LCI teaching curriculum.“Everyone is surprised at the quality of printing,” said Charlie Ruffolo, public affairs at LCI in the same statement. “Frankly, the sky’s the limit.”


Currently, LCI primarily uses the FSR90 to print on cookies, hamburger buns, desserts and cakes.

“The good news is that the printing tastes as good as it looks,” Ruffolo said. “And the turnaround time is faster than anticipated. If you want something customized and memorable, why not? Let’s have fun with it. It’s a business waiting to happen. We are looking forward to developing it further — the possibilities are wide open.”

Ruffolo’s perspective is in line with Cox’s thinking about printing and customization.

For LogoJET, more than 50 percent of company revenues are represented by existing customers, according to Cox. She attributes the repeat business to LogoJET’s ability to provide customers with solutions that will scale with their business, as well as her personal theme and constant focus on giving people a great experience.

If you would like to schedule a visit to see a demonstration of the LogoJET FSR90 printer at the LCI, please click here.    


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