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Few Americans consider bread a source of vitamin D

September 23, 2010
By Bakers Journal

September 23, 2010, Montreal – A new online survey
suggests that American consumers have a growing awareness of the importance of
vitamin D to their health, but most don’t consider bread to be a source of it.

The survey found that more American consumers believe
vitamin D plays a great role in maintaining or improving their health than they
did last year (44 per cent compared to 37 per cent). More than three-quarters
of respondents (79 per cent) believe that vitamin D plays a great or moderate
role in their health.

Other key findings include the following:

  • The
    most common health benefits associated with vitamin D are protection against
    osteoporosis and fracture risk (46 per cent), cardiovascular disease (19 per
    cent) and cancer (18 per cent).
  • The
    most common food associated with vitamin D is milk (74 per cent), followed by
    yogurt (40 per cent), orange juice (21 per cent) and cereals (18 per cent).
    Only 10 per cent perceive bread as a source of vitamin D.
  • The
    most important factors influencing consumer’s bread purchasing decisions were
    taste (78 per cent) and price (72 per cent), followed by fibre content (56 per
    cent) and natural ingredients (54 per cent). Vitamin fortified bread (37 per
    cent) came ahead of low fat (32 per cent) and low sodium (26 per cent)
  • More
    consumers say they would prefer to buy bread that is naturally rich in vitamins
    (56 per cent) than to buy bread fortified with vitamins (6 per cent).

Reid Strategies conducted this survey of 1,000 American adults for Lallemand Inc.
between September 1 and 2, 2010.

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