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Embassy Flavours unveils gluten-free line up

August 26, 2013
By Bakers Journal

Aug. 26, 2013, Brampton, ON – Embassy Flavours introduced a new gluten-free product line featuring 22 desserts and breads.

Embassy's Gluten-Free products are the result of
several years of research and development on bakery formulations, and promote a
taste indistinguishable from traditional bakery items.

"We've combined
several unique ingredients to supplement the taste, texture, and nutrition commonly
lacking in gluten-free products," said Martino Brambilla, head of Embassy Flavours. Embassy’s gluten-free
breads feature high-fibre content and a shelf life exceeding a week at ambient
temperature, a marked improvement from most gluten-free baked goods today, said the company in a news release. Improved
shelf life for gluten-free bakery products means freezing could be a thing of
the past. Embassy’s gluten-free lineup also includes several novel applications,
such as English Muffins, Macaroons, and Whoopie Pies.


Embassy’s Gluten-Free line has been well received, and
they currently do business with a number of large bakeries and retailers in
Canada and the U.S., reported the company. Brambilla confirmed
that one of Embassy’s clients is Fancy Pokket Corp., who has invested $13-million
in building North America’s largest gluten-free bakery facility. The plant is
due to begin operations in early 2014.


The desserts mixes include: Vanilla pudding cake mix, Chocolate pudding cake mix, Euro white sponge cake mix, Vanilla layer cake mix, Chocolate layer cake mix, Vanilla cupcake mix, Chocolate cupcake mix, Fudgy brownie mix, Brownie mix, Brownie bits mix, Cookie mix, Cinnamon bun mix, Macaroon mix, and Chocolate whoppie pie mix.

The bread mixes include: White bread mix, Multigrain bread mix, Flour tortilla bread mix, Pizza dough mix, English muffin mix, Bagel mix, and Focaccia mix.

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