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Ever Changing

November 25, 2016
By Doug Picklyk

Embracing Change

When readers pick up the December 2017 issue of Bakers Journal it’s likely they’ll still be in the midst of their holiday rush, turning out seasonal favourites for at least a few more weeks. I hope 2016 has been a year filled with positive experiences and one everybody will end on a high note. Because whether we’re ready or not, we all know there will be big changes coming in the New Year, especially south of the border.

I’m writing this piece only days after the U.S. presidential election, and there is still a palpable sense of anxiety in the air. Everybody knew it could happen, some even predicted it would happen, but 2017 will usher in the new President Trump and nobody knows what to expect.

From what I’ve learned about the baking industry, I know that bakers are part artist and part scientist, and they are passionate about their craft. And I’ve also learned that when something new is introduced to an established recipe there will be expectations of how the new ingredient will alter the final outcome, but you have to experience it first to be sure. I think it’s going to be the same with the new formula being prepared in the U.S., time will tell.

As for the business of baking closer to home, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a number of baking and chocolate making demonstrations over the past few months. Puratos led customers through the preparation of holiday treats at its Innovation Centre in Mississauga, and George Brown College in Toronto, in conjunction with Callebaut and Cacaco Barry, hosted European chocolatiers who shared their expertise in crafting indulgent desserts.

These were great opportunities to see and learn from experienced chefs. Nothing beats trial and error, but I know the bakers and pastry chefs attending these events all took home some new ideas.

The largest source for inspiration and innovation in the baking industry this year was found at the International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas. We saw a number of Canadians while at the show and gained some valuable insights to share. Be sure to read our IBIE Wrap Up to get all of the details.

For those readers who work at bakeries where innovation and game-changing attitudes is part of the culture, after the holiday rush is over I would invite you to enter the next edition of the Jake the Baker award contest. Simply visit to read the rules and apply. It’s free to enter, and the winner receives a trip to the Bakery Congress event in Vancouver, a profile in the magazine and the prestige of being an award winner.

The Jake the Baker title may not be quite as lofty as president of the United States, but we’re confident whoever wins will be admired by all.

On that note, we at Bakers Journal wish everyone all the best over this Christmas season, and we look forward to another year of highlighting the latest business news, trends, successes and innovations within Canada’s ever-changing baking industry.

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