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Editor’s Letter: April 2018

March 23, 2018
By Laura Aiken

A season of opportunity

Get ready for an action-packed edition of Bakers Journal. We are ringing in spring with show spirit and more. Our April edition serves as your official show guide to Bakery Showcase, Canada’s annual event tethering discourse, innovation and isle by isle merriment to one grand gathering.

The Baking Association of Canada (BAC) is bringing in some fantastic speakers, including celebrity chef Anna Olsen and mastermind strategist Tony Chapman, taking the educational component of the show to the next level. Today’s competitive environment calls for it. Understanding your business, your consumers, and how to balance it all is a conversation bakers can never quit having. Our April edition contains your guide to the event, and you can look for full coverage of the show in an upcoming issue of Bakers Journal.

As we look ahead to Bakery Showcase, we look back on February’s Europain show in Paris. Bakers Journal brings you inside the action as the world’s best bakers compete and innovation is brought to life in the City of Light. Let our journalist on the ground, Colleen Cross, take you on a tour through what’s up and coming in one of baking’s traditional epicentres.

Continuing in our time travel, writer Michelle Brisebois takes us into the very near future of cannabis legalization and the market opportunity for edibles. Since the provinces will in most scenarios be managing the distribution of recreational cannabis, it will be a very different game for bakers used to supplying direct to the consumer. While the market entry may look daunting in dealing with the formalities entities like liquor control boards will require, the potential for revenue seems pretty worthwhile for those willing to take the leap. For bakers, being an experimental bunch, cannabis goods are a whole new avenue for creativity.


Spring is here, and with it, the exuberance of fresh blooms. We ring in a New Year with goals, and as spring approaches and the spirits of many winter weary Canadians lift, the atmosphere becomes one of action; of spring cleaning and forward-looking inspiration. That inspiration could come from anywhere — Bakery Showcase, the pages of Bakers Journal, your customers, your family and friends, or simply nature’s palette as she blushes in the rain. I went to the Royal Botanical Gardens’ Orchid Show recently and was as enamoured with the display of wild beauty as I have been with any art gallery or museum. How amazing that one kind of flower can present so many different sizes and colours. Nature’s ingredients produce a bounty, and with the help of bakers, we enjoy an endless combination of novel tastes and edible visual delights.

Let’s welcome spring with the spirit of innovation as those April showers bring us all those beautiful May flowers.

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