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Editor’s Letter: A new leaf, a fresh start

January 28, 2021
By Bakers Journal

We’ve made through 2020, which many in the food industry have referred to as a “dumpster fire of a year.”  Many have learned to pivot or provide alternative services to keep their bakery afloat. Some people did not survive COVID or financial repercussions of repeated lockdowns. 

Now, on to 2021! If you and your company’s finances are healthy, consider yourself a survivor. It can only get better from this point. A vaccine is on the horizon, people are looking hopefully towards a time where we can shake hands, visit trade shows in person and sample bakery goods safely again.

With hope on our minds, it’s time to look toward the good that many bakeries have created. We all look for inspiration during the dark months of winter, and Founding Sponsor Ardent Mills wants to share stories of bakeries that have embodied brilliance in some way. The founders of the Jake the Baker contest are proud to present the Inspirational Bakery of The Year.

Just like the Jake the Baker contest, you can enter online to tell the judges what you’ve created, how your bakery has reached out to your neighbourhood, how you reached clients and local charities’ hearts. What have you created and how did your services reach customers during the pandemic? Tell us how you’ve innovated during one of the darkest times in recent economic history. 


Entries will be weighed on the following criteria:

  • Community Involvement
  • Creativity
  • Success in their community
  • A good story about what you do for your community

Don’t worry, the judges aren’t looking for The Great Canadian Novel, and will not deduct points for spelling or grammar. However, the more information you can share, the better. A story that is the length of a Twitter post doesn’t give the judges much to work with, so give yourself some time to consider your entry.

Reflect on how many people gave you happy feedback about your bakery. What did you do to put a smile on someone’s face? What stories do clients share with your staff? Who is your bakery’s favourite employee and why? Do clients ask for anyone by name, and why? Put observations to paper and at the end of the month, see if you can find a story, or find out if it inspires a memory of why you wanted to open your bakery in the first place.

If you or your bakery are not sure if what “success” means to your community, think of what you’ve done differently over the past year. The Inspirational Bakery of The Year contest looks at bakeries from all stages of their growth. Judges look for any personal or financial hardship you’ve overcome, but also look for creative solutions you may have found. After all, bakers are known for their creativity! 

Bakers Journal looks forward to meeting the first winner of the Inspirational Bakery of The Year. As with the former Jake the Baker contest, winners will get to read their story in our magazine, with their bakery as the cover feature of the magazine. Imagine your establishment on the cover of Canada’s most revered baking trade magazine. 

Start your year off by recounting all the good your staff and bakeries have accomplished. Winning national recognition will certain start the year off right. Remember, the deadline is April 30!      

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