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Edible glitter in natural colours

April 21, 2016
By Laura Aiken

Watson is offering edible glitter products to meet the growing demand for clean labeling for what is considered natural colours. The Edible Glitter line is made from gum arabic (the sap of the Acacia tree) and colour. Watson uses colors from a wide range of sources, including cabbage juice, algae, carrots, radish, turmeric, and annatto.

Edible Glitter is used as a sprinkle, topping, or inclusion. Edible Glitter can be used in confectionery products, baked goods, frostings, or anywhere you want to add colour. The glitter is unflavoured or flavour-neutral and contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners, fats, or hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Edible Glitter is a light-weight flake that is designed to adhere readily to a variety of surfaces.


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