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The November 2023 Digital Edition of Bakers Journal is out, featuring a holiday check-in to see what seasonal products, decorations and activities are going on at busy bakeries.

We provide a sneak preview of Bakery Showcase 2024 in Toronto, including internationally celebrated baker and author Issa Niemeijer-Brown’s fascinating ideas on artisan baking, and explore traditional Greek desserts on the Cyclades Islands with Karen Barr as our in-person tour guide!

Readers can catch up on industry news and regional events from the Baking Association of Canada and gain insights from Diane Chiasson on five ways to improve your bakery display. Jane Dummer, RD, dives into the sweet and spicy world of gingerbread. We learn about trends from Taste Tomorrow and editor Colleen Cross highlights recent, interesting consumer research and what it might mean when planning for 2024.

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