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About Us

A message from our sponsor

The Baking Association of Canada brings you baker and business coach Mark Dyck presenting an exciting, interactive webinar, Telling the Story of Your Bakery, on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Feeling pulled in 10 directions when it comes to promoting your baking business on social media? Don’t worry – baking business coach Mark Dyck will walk you through Telling the Story of Your Bakery!

Says Mark: “You opened your bakery because you wanted to build something special. Something different. Something that is uniquely your own.

“But telling your story so it stands out from the crowd often seems impossible. We get caught up in the noise and the chatter, trying to figure out the next platform, trying to beat The Algorithm, and working on our dance moves rather than our products, our team or our customers. In all that striving and chasing, we lose sight of the people we want to reach and the actual story we want to tell.

“There is a better way. A way to get your message out to the people who are desperate to hear it. We’ll get there by telling better stories.”

In this session, you will learn:
  • key techniques that will help you tell better stories about your bakery
  • a simple framework for finding the best stories to tell and the best place to tell them
  • more strategies to help you promote your bakery!

Meet our speaker:

Mark Dyck
Mark Dyck is the creator and host of the Rise Up! The Baker Podcast featuring conversations with professional bakers and bakery owners from around the world. He is the founder of Bakers4Bakers.org, a global community of bakery owners working together to build successful, sustainable bakeries. Mark previously owned and operated Orange Boot Bakery in Regina with his wife Cindy. He specializes in helping independent bakeries tell better stories and helping leaders make meaningful change.

This live interactive webinar is sponsored by the Baking Association of Canada. Become a member today! Become a member today!

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