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Toronto Bakery Showcase is fast approaching and the perfect time to learn and network with experts, movers and shakers in the baking industry. Put these key education sessions on your must-do list.

Upcoming Sessions
With the current economic conditions, cost justification for robotic automation is more important now than ever for bakeries. From identifying the best applications to developing a cost justification model, Rick Gessler, vice-president of engineering for Delkor Systems, will offer bakeries of all sizes real-world tools to guide them through their next automation project and reveal what has become the most surprising financial opportunity in robotic automation. (Hint: It is not labour savings.)

Presenter: Rick Gessler, Vice-President of Engineering, Delkor Systems

Sponsored by: Delkor Systems
Join engaging bakers on an entrepreneurial journey. Our panellists will share cultural insights, values, and community experiences shaping their baking businesses. We’ll hear about moments and decisions that helped launch signature products, and how they contribute to the expanding consumer appetite, palate and tastes. Join us as we explore a definition of success that goes beyond a healthy bottom line.

Panellists include Chef Tammy Maki, Founder and Owner, Raven Rising Global Chocolates in Sudbury, Ont., Maria Janchenko, Owner, Janchenko’s Bakery and Marusya’s Kitchen in Toronto, Ont., and Norrayn Meraj, Owner, Misri Sweet Finales catering in Mississauga, Ont.

Sponsored by: FCC
The non-GMO high-amylose wheat varietal naturally provides 10 times the prebiotic fibre of traditional white flour and can transform the nutrition of many of our beloved baked goods without sacrificing their taste, texture, or performance. Bay State Milling (BSM) is the only company in North America offering refined flour made from high-amylose wheat. BSM will speak to the science behind this innovative flour and how it can seamlessly integrate into existing products or power new offerings to reduce the fibre deficit without sacrificing enjoyment.

Presenter: Ted Schevey, Manager of Technical Business Development of Varietal Solutions Business Unit for Bay State Milling

Sponsored by: Bay State Milling