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About Us

A message from our sponsor

Artisan baking, education and cutting-edge technology, ingredients and services will come together at Bakery Showcase presented by the Baking Association of Canada May 5-6 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Here are a baker’s dozen reasons to attend this key industry event:
  1. Visit the booths of more than 160 companies presenting baking-specific ingredients, equipment, supplies and services. Find out what trends they’re seeing in baking and troubleshoot your most persistent challenges.

  2. Hear the Hon. Rechie Valdez, Federal Minister of Small Business, and the Hon. Lisa Thompson, Ontario Minister of Agriculture Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Ontario, speak as the Showcase opens.

  3. Ask the expert. Take part in an informative Q-and-A session from Canada’s Coupe de Monde de la Boulangerie and World Bakery Masters expert Alan Dumonceaux offering technical tips to improve your baking. Bring your questions, and sign up to speak to Alan and other expert bakers and pastry chefs at the BAC booth. (Secure your one-on-one time with Alan by emailing info@baking.ca with your technical baking question.)

  4. Be inspired by and pick up ideas for your own bakery operation from Tabitha Langel and Ryan Stoesz of Tall Grass Prairie Bakery in Winnipeg and discover their unique path to making the transition of ownership of this beloved and constantly evolving bakery business.

  5. Meet celebrity bakers and authors Anna Olson and Issa Niemeijer-Brown at the BAC booth and get your copy of their latest books – Anna Olson’s Baking Wisdom: The Complete Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Make You a Better Baker and A Book About Bread: A Baker’s Manual in English – signed while talking all things baking!

  6. Learn from a diverse group of passionate professional artisan bakers as they explore the future of artisan baking. Consider the product, the process, the business model and the people involved, and tackle such questions as “Is it more important to produce artisan baked goods of consistent, uniform quality or to allow bakers the latitude to be creative, develop their skills and put their own stamp on their artisan products?”

  7. Follow along with creative, groundbreaking pastry chef Joanne Yolles of Food Network Canada’s Wall of Bakers fame, as she demonstrates techniques for making the different components of a fresh rhubarb fruit tart and shows you how to put it all together with a flourish!

  8. Watch Chef Ali Isitmezoglu and owner Yesim Erkus of Pizza-Boat prepare their unique boat-shaped Turkish pizza (pide) crust and delectable dessert. Ask questions and enjoy samples!

  9. Check out the next generation of professional bakers in Dawn Foods “My Canada” Student Cake Competition as college-level baking and pastry students illustrate what Canada means to them by presenting a themed, tiered cake and plated dessert to be finished a la minute!

  10. Get advice on automating your bakery operation – big or small – from bakery managers, consultants and technical experts. Don’t miss the sessions “Time to Automate?” and “The Most Surprising Opportunity for Your Bakery in Robotic Automation” and see baking equipment designed to streamline or expand your operation in action on the show floor.

  11. Learn about high-fibre amylose flour, soft grains, patisserie, Viennoiserie and more in the Bakers’ Classroom education and demonstration areas.

  12. Meet the board members of the Baking Association of Canada and sit in on their Annual General Meeting. Find out what they’ve been up to on your behalf and meet board members over morning coffee and pastries!

  13. Learn how the BACs Food Policy and Sustainability Committee has been advocating on behalf of bakeries and the baking industry.

Baking Association of Canada
c/o 4-2380 Wyecroft Rd. Oakville, ON L6L 6W1
Telephone : 905 405 0288 | info@baking.ca | www.baking.ca