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DuPont showcasing shelf-life extending product at ASB BakingTech

February 19, 2019
By Bakers Journal

DuPont Nutrition & Health will demonstrate its shelf-life expertise at the ASB BakingTech 2019 with its introduction to its new POWERFresh® 9705 enzyme solution.

The baking industry’s new answer for attaining optimal shelf life for baked goods is three-pronged hurdle technology. David (Guilley) Guilfoyle, Innovation Manager of Bakery, Fats & Oils at DuPont Nutrition & Health, will present Pushing the Boundaries of Freshness Through Hurdle Technology. The presentation will reveal how this technology uses antioxidants, antimicrobials and anti-staling technologies in synergy to achieve prolonged characteristics throughout the shelf life.

“The latest development impacting baked goods is “hyper-extended” shelf life, where freshness is sustained over a period of time that pushes the boundaries of conventional methods,” Guilley said. “Our robust solutions can help your bakery explore this opportunity further and allow you to reap a harvest of benefits.”

Further demonstrating its innovation in bakery ingredients, DuPont will introduce POWERFresh® 9705, a new way to address freshness and resilience throughout the shelf life of bakery products. The processing aid will help maintain softness and eating quality in a variety of bakery applications.


“POWERFresh® 9705 was developed through our understanding that bakers want to create soft baked goods that also withstand the distribution and storage processes,” said Joshua Zars, Regional Business Director of Food Enzymes with DuPont Industrial Biosciences. “Since this solution is quite robust in its applications, it helps the baker ensure that the customer has an enjoyable experience with their baked good.

Attendees can speak with their baking experts at Tabletop #802 Feb. 24-26 in Chicago.

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