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Dough divider

May 16, 2008
By Reiser

npdoughReiser introduces the Vemag dough divider. Add versatility to every production line, which is perfect for all types of breads, buns, rolls and English muffins. The Vemag is easily adjustable to produce a range of exact-weight portions, dough absorptions and crumb structures.

At the heart of the Vemag dough divider lies the pumping element, the
double-screw transport system. The double-screw is unique for its
positive displacement, which assures gentle and consistent handling of
the dough without overworking it, along with exact-weight portions. The
double-screw is available in a variety of configurations to handle
virtually all types of dough. The Vemag can be easily adjusted with a
simple changeover in the double-screw configuration to produce both
open-crumb and uniform tight-crumb structure – and anything in between.
An optional Vemag 982 developer system can further de-gas doughs in
order to produce a more uniform, fine cell structure. The 982 can be
added to the line at any time and taken out in minutes to run a more
open crumb structure – part of Reiser’s modular approach that preserves
your investment and adds versatility to your production line.

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