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CFIA launches consultation on origin labelling of imported foods from a contested territory

July 17, 2023
By Bakers Journal

Ottawa – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has launched a consultation with consumers and other interested stakeholders to obtain feedback on how to label the origin of imported food from contested territories.

For the purpose of this consultation, a contested territory means an area outside of Canada that is subject to competing claims of control by third parties.

The CFIA encourages Canadians and other interested stakeholders are encouraged to read the consultation document and provide feedback on this question:

For food products from contested territories, would having the geographic region or territory where the food product was produced noted on the label help clarify where the product came from so that the label is not considered “false or misleading” under Canadian labelling regulations?

In a news release, the CFIA noted that this consultation is about domestic labelling laws and policy and does not pertain to a specific imported food product or the status of a specific contested territory, and is not intended to challenge Canada’s existing foreign policy.

Feedback received will help inform future guidance for origin labelling of imported food from contested territories.

The online public consultation will be open for 90 days, from July 10 to Oct. 10, 2023.


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