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Cargill’s soluble rice flour appeals to consumers’ desire for label-friendly ingredients

October 28, 2021  By Bakers Journal

Granola bites made using soluble rice flour. Photo courtesy Cargill

Cargill has launched a soluble rice flour, SimPure 92260, that exhibits similar taste, texture and functionality as maltodextrin, an ingredient commonly used as a bulking agent and flavour carrier, and designed to appeal to label-reading consumers.

SimPure soluble rice flour provides similar viscosity attributes, bulking agent functionality and sensory profiles compared to 10 DE maltodextrin, enabling simple, one-to-one replacement in a variety of applications, including reduced-sugar bakery products, dairy, powdered beverages, convenience foods, sauces and dressings, snacks, cereals and bars, seasoning mixes and as a flavour carrier.

In some applications, SimPure soluble rice flour offers the added advantage of improved mouthfeel. For example, in powdered chocolate milk beverages, Cargill’s sensory testing found prototypes made with the soluble rice flour were perceived as creamier than the maltodextrin control.


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