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Caneggs unveils protein pancake mix

September 15, 2020
By Bakers Journal

Photo courtesy of CanEggs

Just add water, milk or any liquid dairy alternative to Caneggs Protein Pancake Mix for a quick, easy and nutritious high protein breakfast featuring Canadian egg whites.

Unlike most protein pancake mixes that are made only with whey protein, Caneggs is a low-sugar, high-fibre pancake mix made with a blend of egg white powder and whey protein, oat flour and is completely wheat-free.

“Egg white powder is an excellent source of pure protein that has all the major amino acids. Just one protein pancake made with Canegg’s Protein Pancake Mix has more than 26 grams of protein to start your day,” says Sam Dhutia, CEO in a press release.

Caneggs Protein Pancake Mix retails for $23.98 for two 454 g bags (available online only). One serving includes 26 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar, 8 grams of fibre, 7 grams of fat only 110 calories Caneggs also retails pure egg white powder an alternative to traditional protein powders that can be used in smoothies, and baking applications.


Caneggs Egg White Powder retails at for $99.99 including shipping and taxes.

Quick Facts

  • The average person needs about 58 grams of protein daily. One serving of Caneggs Protein Pancake Mix has 26 grams of protein.
  • Four tablespoons of Caneggs Egg White Powder is equal to 8 eggs
  • Caneggs Protein Pancake Mix is a high source of fiber and a good source of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) leucine isoleucine and valine, essential for a healthy diet.
  • Caneggs uses only Canadian eggs free from steroids, growth hormones and antibiotics.

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