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Canada’s new Food Guide adds lifestyle choices

January 25, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Government of Canada; Food Guide

Canada’s new food guide has greatly changed the look and definition of eating choices.

In a study that had taken 12 years to compile evidence, the new Canada Food Guide has a section that focuses on more vegetables and less meat and dairy.

According to the new guide, the standard of eight to ten servings of fruit and vegetable still apply, however, a “lifestyle” component was added, which includes a reduction in carbohydrates such as grains, rice, pasta and bread.

The 2019 version culled various scientific reports that included “extensive systematic reviews of the literature on the relationship between food and health,” as well as some more multicultural input as well, seeking input from “academics, members of provincial and territorial governments, health professional regulatory bodies/organizations, health charities, and National Indigenous Organizations.”

The new guide urges eaters to reduce if not completely avoid highly processed foods, and to read labels to determine the sodium count. A new addition included suggestions to add mindfulness to eating, such as eating with company. Prior versions of the food guide used calories as a measure of censure, and included a food pyramid that had a high intake of meat-based protein.

For more information about the Canada’s new Food Guide, click here.

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