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June 11, 2015
By Bakers Journal

June 11, 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina — Canada and Brazil have won the Louis Lesaffre Cup, thereby winning their tickets for the Coupe du Monde la Boulangerie (Bakery World Cup) at Europain in Paris next March. The Americas zone competition challenges set the scene for an emotionally charged event, and beautiful creations.

In keeping with local traditions, the results announcement ceremony was a musical and generally jubilant affair. Guests at the ceremony had the honour of listening to an introduction by Francis Decottignies (Lesaffre Argentina CEO), Corinne Lesaffre (Lesaffre communications director), as well as Ana Maria Galibert, representative from the FITHEP international show for bread making, pâtisserie, chocolate, dough, and pizza technologies…and for businesses.

An Extremely High Standard Overall

In this incredible bread making adventure, on an international scale, Canada and Brazil knew how to stand out with their capacity to perfectly adapt to the new competition challenges.


The overall standard of the Americas selection was remarkable and the jury was continuously wowed as the candidates presented their products. Each team knew how to astound with their creations.

“This really was an enriching competition!” declared jury president Pierre Zimmermann — and it was a sentiment shared by the two members of the technical jury: François Brandt and Eun Chul Jang.

The Special Prizes

By expanding its jury to include a food critic (Diego Gaona) and a press juror (Luis LAHITTE) the Louis Lesaffre Cup was also able to reward the other teams:

• The SPECIAL PRESS PRIZE went to Costa Rica, a team whose originality won over the journalist on the jury.
• As for the FOOD CRITIC PRIZE, it was awarded to Ecuador, the “little newcomer” to the competition…this country brimming with potential really wonhearts and minds.
• THE YOUNG BAKERY HOPEFUL is Canadian. With her creations for children, in vivid colours, sometimes even humorous, Elien de Herdt did not just convince the children – she won over the jury too.
• Finally, the CREATIVITY PRIZE awarded by the FITHEP went to Argentina, to the delight of the locals!

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