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Cacao Barry launches Wholefruit Chocolate

June 14, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Cacao Barry

On June 7, Cacao Barry unveiled its latest in the evolution of chocolate through their EvoCao line, by introducing whole fruit chocolate.

Made with the pulp and juice of the cacao pod, not only the beans, this chocolate satisfies those looking for a more natural option for sugar reduction as well as those concerned with food waste.

Image by By Megan Bell, courtesy of Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry demonstrated its various applications in a series of virtual demonstrations, ranging from couverture patisserie and of course, confectionary. The flavour profile is described as slightly fruity, with the natural sweetness coming from the cacao juice and pulp of the chocolate.

Chef Ramon Morató, Creative Director of Cacao Barry said during the webinar that creating the Wholefruit Chocolate took over thirty different master chefs from around the world to design a chocolate that “respected the ingredients to make Wholefruit chocolate.” He added, “We make the cocoa mass from the beans, and the sugar comes from the components from the cocoa fruit. So this is the magic of chocolate, and this is why the list of ingredients is super short: because everything is coming from the cacao fruit, so there is no refined sugars, no lecithin, no vanilla.”


The chocolate can be used in any way the rest of Cacao Barry’s line of chocolate can be used. Chefs from around the world contributed their recipes and tips to working with the chocolate during the live event, and demonstrated truffles, chocolates and cakes.

LEMON GRASS EVOQUE by Renata Arassiro, image courtesy of Cacao Barry

Patissier Frank Haasnoot, World Pastry Champion, World Chocolate Master, and Global Cacao Barry Ambassador of Cacao Barry said, “this came at the right moment… you see the movement for more vegan, more plant based, more sustainable [chocolate.] When I created my work based on the whole free chocolate. It just put everything in place, you know, using local ingredients or trying to, let’s say, keep it clean, keep the intense intensity of chocolate there.”

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