You have a reliable customer base and a profitable ongoing foodservice operation. Instead of going through the hassles of looking for real estate, dealing with major construction and suffering the headaches of opening another branch, consider whether it is time to expand your bakery’s offerings before the summertime. Here are six tips for expanding your lineup.
Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get started on plans for one of the biggest holidays for bakeries: Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is second only to Christmas and even surpasses Valentine’s Day. Try out some of these promotions to easily increase sales in your bakery, provide value for your regular customers and even earn some new ones!
Retailing can be a tough road to hoe. The hours are long, the expenses hard to control and you never know what your traffic is going to be. Factors beyond your control like weather, construction and rival businesses can help or hinder financial results. What if you could identify a piece of business that was operationally efficient, very effective at building your brand and guaranteed steady income? There exists such a revenue stream: the club.
Having a great website will not do you much good if people who are looking for services like yours do not know you exist.
Remember the days when people noticed good customer service, talked about it, and most importantly, rewarded you for it? Happy customers would return and spread the word. In today’s fast paced world however, people are so rushed moving to the next thing, or so distracted by their mobile devices, that good customer service is overlooked. Fortunately, as I share in my seminars, there are several easy things you can do that will enhance your service and boost your business, which your customers will actually notice. Best of all, they cost you nothing. Here are five for starters…
There are certain times of the year when business is relatively slow. These slowdown periods are a common cause of cash flow shortages for many bakeries. Don’t let the seasonal slumps get you down! Use this off-season time to properly market your bakery and get ready for your peak season.
We’re never going to run out of new ideas, which is pretty exciting when you think about it. And language keeps up. It’s elastic and accommodates new ideas. Language shows us how to express and understand new ideas.
Bakeries can build more revenue by maintaining a strong brand. Brand is what your bakery is all about. Brand is a promise. It conveys quality, consistency, familiarity and trust. During a slow economy, this comfort and familiarity is what people crave. A strong brand image will bring your operation added value, command higher prices, attract better employees, and most of all, bring you more money.
It’s that time of year again – no, not the holiday guilt, high-pressure resolutions time of year (although, it’s a little of that too) – but the trend forecasting season. Market research companies do their surveys and package up their predictions. Companies look for direction, new ideas and insight into what is going on inside the consumer mind. This article serves as a roundup of the trends seen by Mintel, Innova Market Research, McCormick and the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA). Trends serve as a bit of a stethoscope, ever-measuring the beat of the buying heart.
Welcome to 2016, an odd number on paper considering the Y2K nerves of 1999 really don’t seem so long ago. But I won’t spend many words noting all that has changed since then, as its overwhelming nature has the sneaky ability to make one feel just a tad bit dated, depending where on the calendar your lifeline falls. That being said, there is one cultural shift worth pondering as we head into the new year: photography.
The establishment of an ongoing, organization-wide productivity improvement program requires the right company culture, a continuous improvement mindset, innovative thinkers and the active support of senior management—but this is not enough.
Mintel, a global market research firm, released two reports this fall that shed light on what Canadian and American consumers think about free-from labels on their food. Let’s take a look at what the survey says.
It’s that magical time of year, when holiday lights twinkle, shops bustle with activity, and friends and families come together. For many the holidays simply wouldn’t be complete without flaky shortbread and delectable fruitcake.
The highly charged notion of “fresh” is the baker’s stock in trade, but it comes loaded with vaulted expectations. “Fresh” is a kind of lightening rod of emotion for both bakers and buyers.
There are times when being a manager can make you a media target. The larger your organization, the greater the odds of something embarrassing happening that ends up for the world to see on YouTube. Over and over. It could be a spill that causes environmental damage, a defective product that needs recalling, or an employee videotaped sleeping-on-the-job. If you are that manager being asked by a reporter to comment, here are a few tips to ensure that your company’s brand and your personal reputation withstand the barrage.
December is a big month for bakery sales. Ensure that you’re doing all you can to reap and get repeat business this merry time of year.
Not so many years ago, people paid little attention to that pound sign on the computer keyboard. You know, the one that looks like this: #.
During difficult times, businesses should not be decreasing their marketing budgets, but increasing it!
Hello Canadian bakers! I’m back at the editorial helm after a wonderful year at home with my daughter, and looking forward to catching up on what’s new in the baking industry.
Chicago – Though Canadian bakery and coffee cafés face fierce competition from quick-service restaurants, cafés will continue to thrive as they meet consumers’ demands for affordability and convenience while still providing quality, says a report from research firm Technomic.

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