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Bayn develops online hub for sugar reduction

November 16, 2017
By Bakers Journal

Stockholm – Bayn Europe AB is developing a cloud-based platform focused on sugar reduction to assist food producers with R&D and promote discussion of related projects. Bayn has created a prototype and plans to launch the online hub in 2020.

The platform, called SugarReduced, consists of data functions, lab simulation software and e-commerce on a cloud platform, said Bayn Europe, an independent formulation developer, in a news release.

It was designed to connect product developers, marketers, purchasers and all stakeholders within the food and beverage industry. The idea is to provide a one-stop shop for sugar reduction with evidence data and a simulation program to shorten the R&D and market-launch process. The platform also will serve as an information hub for the public and for discussions of sugar-reduction projects.

“Bayn develops this cloud platform to broaden our offering and strengthen our competitive advantages, increase the number of sales channels and boost revenue generation,” said Lucy Dahlgren, founder and chief executive officer of Bayn Europe AB. “We are engaged in discussions with several leading IT companies both in Europe and China, to evaluate this business idea, and we have submitted an application to a EU commission call for innovation fund for this project development.”

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