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Barry Callebaut unveils ‘Carma’ Swiss chocolate

July 14, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Barry Callebaut

Swiss chocolate making has evolved through the years by refining its production process and choosing its ingredients with care. Barry Callebaut’s new brand, “Carma,” continues to support chocolate artisans and chefs in bringing to life their creations without depleting the world’s resources, sustainable production is imperative.

More chocolate artisans and chefs are aware of the environmental and social impacts of sustainable chocolate, and are advocating for ethically sourced ingredients.

Barry Callebaut’s Carma goes beyond sourcing  sustainable ingredients at every step of the process. Every ingredient in Carma couvertures are all sustainable. Balancing sustainability with reliability and consistency in taste profile and colour, which is a critical part of the uniquely Swiss chocolate crafting process. Carma’s mission was to create 100 per cent sustainable chocolate and they aim to preserve it for “future generations.”

Carl Maentler founded Carma in 1931, and has been contributing to the evolution of Swiss chocolate-making craft. The company’s founder devoted his life to perfecting tradition and refining the quality of Carma chocolate. Nowadays, Carma is:

  • Located at the heart of Switzerland, Carma delivers couvertures with exceptional smoothness and flavours with the mission to create unique value added to the chocolate artisans.
  • Available in selected countries, Carma offers a wide range of exceptional couvertures with carefully selected ingredients, available in 6 natural shades.
  • Carma was the first Gourmet chocolate brand in Switzerland to certify cocoa with the UTZ programme. Carma became the first Barry Callebaut Gourmet brand to be fully sustainable on ingredients: cocoa, dairy, sugar and vanilla.

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