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Bakery Showcase Spotlight: Plant-Based Baking Business Primer

March 17, 2022
By Colleen Cross

Looking for tips and strategies for making the most of plant-based baking in a non-plant-based market? If you’re a bakery or bakery-café, you need to know more about this important – and growing – shift in customer demand.

Jessica Nadel and Tijana Bogdanovic have successfully served a market seeking better-for-you plant-based bakery treats and will join us for an interesting discussion at Bakery Showcase to share their experiences.

In this panel you’ll learn:

  • Why all bakeries should care about the plant-based market.
  • What the main considerations are for a bakery or bakery-café get started offering plant-based products without necessarily going 100 per cent plant-based?
  • Is a hybrid-approach possible?
  • What are some factors you should consider in your marketing approach to appeal to that customer looking for plant-based baked goods? What is this market looking for in a bakery?


Jessica Nadel

Vegetarian from a young age and vegan for over a decade, Jessica Nadel has a passion for sharing plant-based foods with the world. Jess loves baking delicious, inclusive desserts that everyone can enjoy, vegan or not. She owns and operates Beards Coffee Bar & Bakery in Sudbury, Ont., as well as Tucos Taco Lounge and Flurple’s Ice Cream.


Jessica has authored two published cookbooks Greens 24/7 in 2015 and Superfoods 24/7 in 2016, both published by The Experiment. She was shortlisted for the 2016 Taste Canada Awards and was named one of Sudbury’s 40 Under 40 in 2019.

Tijana Bogdanovic

As the founder and chief executive officer of Twenty 1, a bakery dedicated to all-natural, plant-based, gluten-free and handmade desserts in Bowmanville, Ont., Tijana Bogdanovic is committed to a healthy lifestyle and has an endless passion towards healthy eating, baking and preparing healthy food using only all-natural ingredients.

Tijana is committed to sharing her nutritious, mouthwatering creations with her family, friends and community. The positive response she has received easily makes the dedication, long nights and early mornings worth every second. Tijana would be more than delighted to share more of her delicious creations with you! As a family-oriented mom of two girls and a wife, Tijana dedicates her free time to her family and friends making long-lasting memories and eating amazing food.

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