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Bakers Journal salutes women in the baking industry

March 8, 2020
By Bakers Journal

As an International Women’s Day tribute to the women who bring so much to our publication, Bakers Journal would like to thank the women who take on the largely male-dominated field of high-end pastry making and/or entrepreneurship. Many have devoted many of their years in study and practice and have risen to the top of their fields, to inspire future generations of pastry bakers, and industry leaders.

Here are some that were featured in the last few years:

Ilana Kadonoff (Sweets From The Earth)

Chef Kadonoff left a position at a prominent baker to follow her dream and open a pastry shop of her own, under her own creative brand. As vegan, she wanted to create traditional pastry that was cruelty-free, which meant eschewing all use of dairy and honey. Today, Sweets From the Earth has grown to a large facility in northern Toronto, where their product line has now expanded to include vegan-friendly ketogenic baked goods.


Chef Celeste Mah (Raymond’s Restaurant)

Chef Celeste Mah put Raymonds restaurant of St. Johns, Newfoundland on the culinary map when she won Canada’s Best Pastry Chef Award in 2019. Chef Mah is best known for her innovative use of local, seasonal vegetables in desserts, no mean feat considering the limited choice of fruit in the dead of winter.

Chef Nadège Nourian (Nadège Patisserie)

Chef Nourian comes from a long, proud line of bakers from Lyons, France. She brings French flair to Toronto, ON, with  her shop, Nadège Patisserie, where her line of patisseries — particularly her macarons, make her a fixture in the city’s West End. She has plans to expand her bakery and increase her offerings, delighting more lovers of fine pastry.

Chef Déborah Ott

Chef Ott became the youngest ever Master Baker in 2018. Chef Ott has also created another milestone by being the first female Master Baker. She won 2018’s Masters de la Boulangerie competition, in the Gourmet Baking Division.

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