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B.T. Sweet launches Cambya one-to-one natural drop-in sugar replacer

December 1, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image: B.T. Sweet Ltd.

Food-technology startup B.T. Sweet Ltd. has released Cambya, a plant-based, one-to-one drop-in sugar replacer for multiple food applications.

The Cambya sweetening platform lets consumers have their delectable cake and eat it, guilt-free, without compromising on flavour or other organoleptic qualities — shortcomings common with other natural sugar-reduction methods, Israel-based manufacturer B.T. Sweet Ltd. said in a press release.

The proprietary formula, based on soluble fibres, monk fruit and select botanicals, has a one-to-one equivalent to sugar both in body and taste, and offers a source of naturally derived beneficial fibres. Cambya does not require masking agents, the company said.

B.T. Sweet’s formulation can meet the functional needs of a versatile range of food applications. It is based on soluble fibres, which help improve digestion and increase satiety. The spray-dried composition is based on a short-list of plant-based botanical ingredients and contains no GMOs.


Cambya runs on a plug-and-play business model, helping established food companies reformulate their CPG brands to raise them to higher wellness ideals.

“We have lab-tested our formulation in various confectionery applications, including ice cream and pudding, with very encouraging and mouthwatering results,” said Dagi Pekatch, the company’s founder and chairman. “Cambya will be produced in Europe and several CPG brands already are line-testing it.”

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