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Ashworth Bros unveil SmartSpiral Monitoring System

July 18, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Ashworth Bros. Inc.

Ashworth Bros., Inc., the makers of low-tension spiral belts introduces the SmartSpiral® Monitoring System.

The secure stand-alone mobile wireless Web App provides the ability to view real-time performance on multiple spirals at different plant locations.

SmartSpiral® comes with patented bearing sensor technology that captures real-time bottom bearing performance. It also monitors temperature, belt tension, cage and take-up power consumption. Optional sensors are available to measure customer specific requirements.

The Monitoring System sends both email and text alarm notifications, providing early warnings of potential problems. It continuously records and trends spiral performance data and, provides weekly graphical reports. SmartSpiral® can provide the ability to implement predictive maintenance practices, avoid breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life.


Ashworth Bros., Inc., headquartered in Winchester, Virginia, manufactures and services both metal and plastic belting for straight running, turn-curve, lo-tension, positive drive, and self-stacking spirals — offering customers the best solution for their specific requirements. Companies around the world depend on Ashworth’s quality products, reliable customer service, innovative solutions and experienced Factory Service team to maximize throughput and minimize lifecycle costs.

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